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About us

"The top priority for Quality and Clients’ satisfaction are our commitment

Thien Nam was established in 2000. At first the company’s main business was selling raw material and chemicals for the textile and garment industry.

In 2000, Thien Nam changed the direction to manufacturing yarns. From 2000 to 2013 the company built 5 factories, with more than 173,000 spindles and  more than 1700 employees, productivity exceeds 2,800  Ton/ month.

Thien Nam products are sold about 30% in domestic market, and 70% are sold world-wide. Our international markets include countries such as: Korea, China, Turkey, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and Latin Countries, etc.

Today, we focus on building Thien Nam brand name, by striving for our customers’ satisfaction, always finding new ways to improve on our product quality, standards, Thien Nam confirms its position as one of the most famous spinning factories in Viet Nam.


The Spinning Industry has a history of sustainable development and is the primary input source that supplies material to the whole inter-industry of textile and garments.

The regular growth of Vietnam’s textile industry over the last few years indicates the Vietnamese Spinning Industry’s huge potential for long-term development in the future. The inter-industries of Spinning, Knitting/Weaving, Dyeing, Finishing and Garment will link with each other producing a strong and unique environment.

The demand for Yarn in the world market continues to increase. This and a steady rise in world population ensures a sustainable growth for the Spinning Industry.


Serve domestic and international textile and garment demand with a high quality yarn of diversified count at a competitive price. We will be the top manufacturer in not only the Vietnam industry, but in all of Asia.


We use only the best cotton available. The majority of which is imported from the USA.

Our machinery is manufactured by the best quality brands in Germany, Korea, etc.

Our employees are well trained, and regularly undergo up skill training programs to keep current with new technologies and changes.

We invest heavily in our product and quality control systems. Keeping price, quality consistent, and competitive with the market to provide the best value for all of our customers.